Maintenance Specifications

Cylinder Head Specs
Year Description Value
1977-1979Cylinder Head Nuts27-31 ft. lbs.
1980 With roller-link cam chainCylinder Head Nuts27-31 ft.lbs.
1980 With Hy-Vo Cam chainCylinder Head Nuts22 ft. lbs.
1981 - onBolts22 ft. lbs.
1981 - onNuts29 ft. lbs.

Compression Specs
Year Description Value
1977-1980Compression Pressure155-185 p.s.i. (10-14 kg/cm2)
1981Compression Pressure136-209 p.s.i. (9.6-14.7 kg/cm2)
1982 - onCompression Pressure100-156 p.s.i. (7 - 11 kg/cm2)

Other Specs
Year Description Value
AllIdle Speed950-1,050 RPM
AllValve Clearance (cold)0.003 - 0.007 in.(0.08-0.18mm)
AllValve TypeShimmed Under-Bucket
1977-1980Breaker Point Gap0.012-0.016 in. (0.3-0.4mm)
AllSpark Plug TypeNGK B7ES, ND W22ES-U
AllSpark Plug Gap0.028-0.031 in (0.7-0.8mm)
AllFloat Level23mm
AllFuel Service Level2-3 mm below carb bowl mating surface
AllOil TypeSAE 10W-40
AllOil Quantity (change)Approx. 3.2 liters
AllOil Quantity (Filter Change)Approx. 3.8 liters
AllFork Oil Weight15W
AllFork Diameter36mm
AllFork spacing149mm approx between the fork tubes
AllMain Jet Size102.5
AllPilot Jet Size15
AllMinimum Brake Disc Thickness6mm
AllRecommended Clutch Plate Thickness3.7-3.9mm
AllChain Length102 links
AllRecommended Chain Tension20-30mm
AllBatteryYusa YB10L
AllContinuous Charge Rate1.0 Amp
AllVoltage Output12V / 10ah
AllIgnition Timing10 BTDC@1,500 RPM
35 BTDC@3,200 RPM